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Brief History

The Church was established in August 2000 through the leading of the Holy Spirit by Rev. Samuel D. Kamara and was recognized by the International Offices of the Church of God as an actively organized Church on February 6, 2000. The Church started with two members; Rev. Samuel D. Kamara and Rev. Alexander Kollie, both of whom were students resided on Campus at the Zion Bible College. This church was first called JESUS NOW OR NEVER CHURCH OF GOD, which name was revealed to Rev. Samuel D. Kamara by the Lord during the establishment.

By 2001, as the church began to increase in number, it relocated at 986 Broad Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02905. This was the church worship center until 2002 when the church could no longer worship at this location due to some conflict with the resident in the facility. It was during which time the church decided to relocate from this worship center. The church worshiped at 90 Cantons Street Providence, Rhode Island 02908 where some of the members were residing at the time for a limited number of months. At the end of 2002, the church found a temporary place of worship at 37 Glenham Street Providence, Rhode Island 02907.

During the first quarter of 2003, the church had become financially capable to rent its own place of worship. It was at this time the church relocated at 22 Winter Street, 3rd floor, Providence Rhode Island 02903. This 22 Winter street address was the church’s worship center for many years. In 2004 the church was faced with a major crisis that Pastor Samuel D. Kamara had to leave the young ministry without a pastor. The church was without a pastor for a couple of months until in 2005 January the present pastor, Bishop Morris S. Bryant at the time who was a Reverend was asked to take over the young church as it was in crisis. The church was turned over to Bishop Bryant and was installed as the new pastor in February of 2005. Despite the difficult times, the church gradually began to grow spiritually, numerically, as well as financially.

By early 2006, the church changed its name from JESUS NOW OR NEVER CHURCH OF GOD to CENTER OF PRAISE CHURCH OF GOD. This was due to difficulties that the members experienced in their evangelistic efforts among others. The change of the Church’s original name was a difficult decision that the leadership had to make. In the end, the leadership accepted the decision of the membership in a conference and this change took place.

The church mission is to evangelize those who are lost and bring them to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. In fulfillment of its obligations, the church has continued to train and equip laborers for evangelistic efforts. There have been numbers of members trained as Church of God’s exhorter and ordained ministers to carry out the work of the ministry. The total number of church membership is now over sixty. About 50% regularly attend services and great supporters of the ministry both financially and morally.

In the second week of November 2018, the church’s 22 Winter Street worship center was not conducive for a worship center thereby causing the facility to be close. The State deems the property as not meeting the fire code guidelines/regulations for the City of Providence. With that the church moved to 59 Rankin Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island, 02908 on November 05, 2018 and the first worship service was on November 11, 2018. The church worship at this location until a lease agreement was signed on August 22, 2019, for 1525 Smith Street, Rear, North-Providence, Rhode Island 02911. By September 7, 2019, the church officially moved from 59 Rankin Avenue to 1525 Smith Street, Rear, North-Providence, Rhode Island 02911. The first worship service was on September 8, 2019, which was Women Sunday at the Center of Praise.

Presently, the church conducts its official businesses at this location (1525 Smith Street, North-Providence, RI 02911) and the Lord is blessing us as we work on making this location comfortable for our businesses.